Breathe Easy Asthma Awareness

A guide to understanding and dealing with children with Asthma


  • Understand the underlying causes of asthma and common symptoms
  • Develop emergency procedures for dealing with severe attacks
  • Understand the links between asthma and other allergic conditions
  • Familiarise yourself with the different types of inhaler

Childhood Illnesses

A useful course which highlights methods of identifying and dealing with common and uncommon childhood illnesses.


  • Understanding how to recognise different illnesses
  • Developing exclusion parameters
  • Assist in treating common ailments
  • Managing medication

Stress busting in childcare

A useful course designed to alleviate some of the stresses of childcare


  • Understand the underlying causes of stress

  • Recognise the common symptoms & ways to alleviate

  • Identify methods of prioritising

  • Develop Time management skills


Essential Risk Assessment

This course will give you the ability to carry out detailed and comprehensive risk assessments in a home or setting
  • Understand the legal implications of Risk Assessment
  • Evaluate risks, hazards, and risk factors and implement controls
  • Be able to competently carry out a written risk assessment
  • Create action plans to ensure success

Manual Handling

A guide to essential knowledge and skills to reduce or eliminate back pain through simple handling techniques
  • Understanding regulation, avoidance and how injuries occur
  • Assessing risks and planning the lift
  • Communicating effectively, understanding equipment
  • Developing appropriate systems of work

Health & Safety Basic

A Level 1 course which will introduce you to basic health & safety concepts
  • Recall general working environment principles
  • An introduction to risk assessment
  • Describe ways of improving occupational health
  • Identify safer ways of dealing with hazardous substances

Health & Safety for Managers & Supervisors

A Level 2 course, suitable for Senior staff and Childminders which will heighten your awareness of many safety issues. It is a requirement to have attended a basic H&S course with us first (Council stipulation).
  • Understanding accident prevention, occupational health, management responsibilities
  • Understanding COSHH, fire and gas
  • Demonstrate good Manual Handling & ergonomics,
  • Understand Cleaning & Hygiene and accident notification

Safety In the Home & Childcare Setting

  • A useful guide to keeping your home safe for children in your care
  • Understanding electrical and gas safety, plants and fauna
  • An overview of guards (bed guard, playpens etc)
  • Reducing trips and falls, storing chemicals and poisons
  • To give an understanding of useful devices (e.g. Proximity alarms, appliance locks, cord winders)

Safe Transport of Children

A useful guide to keeping safe on the move – cars and buggies etc
  • Develop knowledge on car maintenance, safety, how to deal with an emergency
  • Adapting your driving for poor conditions
  • Understanding seat belts, booster seats and child seats – keeping you legal
  • Understand Prams, cots and buggies – safety, weather, high visibility etc

Allergy & Anaphylaxis Awareness

This course aims to develop your understanding of allergies, how to prevent, recognise and treat reactions with lots of interesting background information & CPR refresher


  • To broaden understanding of allergies
  • Recognise signs and symptoms of allergy & give emergency care
  • To reduce allergen exposure to children & write care plan
  • Develop good hygiene practices when preparing food

Personal Safety


A useful course which highlights methods of identifying and implementing basic personal safety strategies when attending training courses 

  • Understanding the planning process of ensuring you and your staff will be safe
  • Safety in the car including weather and breakdowns
  • Security in the car 
  • Personal safety in the street